We provide professional Social Media Management

Together we’ll take your company to the top!

L.C. Social Media


Our Purpose

We help you take care of your business’ social media so that you can focus your attention on other important matters.

L.C. Social Media
L.C. Social Media


What We Do

We create and manage social media so you do not have to.  From Blogging to Tweeting to Facebooking, there is no social media site we do not know.  

There is NO social media me can’t manage.

Services :

  • Blog post creation
  • Customer replies
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media interaction


No Forced Plans.  No contracts. Tailored and Modified to Your Liking

  • We will email you once or twice a month to report the work that has been done AND organize the coming month.
  • We are available through Whataspp 24/7
  • We believe that Owner’s interaction is Key to success. 
  • We do not provide (now or ever) complicated and hard to understand reports. 
L.C. Social Media


Say Hi to Our Clients

We’ve been honoured to create brands, devise products, and launch campaigns for many clients we now call friends. We like them, and they seem to like us back.

  • I choose Lena Corporation because they have a personal approach and warm attitude towards their clients big or small. They are flexible and easy to communicate with.

    Guillermo Vazquez
  • Lena Corporation through their social media and SEO branches have been taking care of my business for the past 20 years.  Since then my business has bloomed so much that I have been able to enjoy collecting sport cars and bought three homes.  

    They are professional and always have dealt with MY business as it was their own. 

    Avner Dvir
    Flood USA